There are various reasons for wanting to spruce up your home with a new paint job, you may be looking to selling your home, renting it out or refurbishing.

Whatever the reason behind you wanting to redecorate, you’ll want to tap into your creative juices to find ways to really make your walls pop and your guests to exclaim, “Wow!”

Make your walls stand out with creative paint techniques instead of wallpaper. Here are some inspiring ideas to get you started.

1. Stenciling With Paint

We all played with stencil art as kids and here’s your opportunity to bring those childhood skills into your adult life. A great way to create a wallpaper effect with paint is to use stencils.

You can find stencils that create a pattern that you really enjoy, and you simply paint over the stencil with the color of your choice to create a perfect contrast for your stenciled effect.

2. Making Art out of Light Switches

This is a great paint technique to use if you don’t fancy creating a huge piece of art in your home. Use your light switches and lighting fixtures as a basis to create art on your walls.

Paint some shapes, trees or flowers around the light switches in your home to bring in just a pop of personality and color. It’s like having a piece of art hanging on your wall, except it’s not hanging it’s simply part of your home!

3. Water Color Your Walls

Watercolor has taken the tattoo world by storm, and now it’s time for your home to get in on the trend. Watercolor painting can be done on your walls with neutral colors to create an ambient, rainbow effect in that room.

If you don’t want a bright piece, opt for lighter colors that will blend less wildly and not clash too much with your decor and furniture. You could also do the watercolor splashes in the corners to accentuate your design, as opposed to the entire wall if you want to keep it minimal.

4. Use The Bristle Effect

This is one of our favorite paint techniques, the bristle effect. The bristle effect is great because it creates a textured look to the wall you’ve painted.

It’s the perfect way to not go overboard with your color but to give it some personality. Simply pick the color you’re absolutely in love with, and brush roughly with a larger than life paintbrush or even a small broom to create the effect of thick bristles within the paint. Voila!

5. Patterned Rollers

A patterned roller is taking stenciling to the next level! Imagine a glorified roller stamp, that you simply dip into the paint and roll on the most beautiful patterns imaginable.

The great thing about patterned rollers is they allow for more intricate and detailed patterns than a stencil generally would. So if you’re looking for super elaborate, painted patterns, then this is the option you want.

6. Use Abstract Shapes

Much like the famous Pablo Picasso, you can tap into your abstract, creative mind and create shapes out of different colors, textures, and shades. The abstract style is much like taking cuttings out of different magazines and fitting them into a larger picture that just seems to work.

Put together triangles, squares, rectangles, and even octagons to create a perfect piece of painted art.

7. Stripes and Polka Dots

These two are super retro paint techniques that can spice up any of your interior walls. Whether you choose to use stripes or polka dots in isolation, or you’d like to mix and match them, the two go together like waffles and ice cream.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your colors as well, the world is your oyster when it comes to working with painted stripes and polka dots, so go crazy!

Creative Paint Techniques for the Win

Finding the right paint techniques to make your walls stand out has a lot to do with the look and feel of your home as well.

If your home is more contemporary, and your furniture is modern, be sure to try to stay within that theme when you’re picking the tip for your paint! A vintage home may not work so well with stripes and polka dots, but a retro, industrial style home might.

Now that the interior walls are spiced up, read this to make your exterior walls match!

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