At Dwyer Customer Painting it is our goal to provide you with a level of expertise that differentiates us from any other painting company in the St. Louis area. When we walk into your home or business, we are looking to build relationships, not make the hard-sell.

A large part of our success over the past twenty years has come from referrals from satisfied customers, and our goal is to include you in this class.

We understand completely that the most important aspect of any job is communication and central focus on the customers’ needs and expectations. We promise you a professional process from beginning to end on all projects.


Dwyer Custom Painting- Painting Contractor St.Louis MO providing quality interior and exterior painting services to residential and commercial clients in the greater Saint Louis area. From repainting to new construction, from historical properties to high-tech offices, our company is dedicated to working with you to achieve results beyond your expectations.



We have built a solid reputation in the St. Louis area over the last twenty years by understanding that the principles of good business are simple:

  • Have an open and honest rapport with the people who sign your check.
  • Be accessible.
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Produce a finished product that is noticeably better than your competition.

At Dwyer Custom Painting, we are in tune with the image our customers wish to project and we prove it everyday by giving them our professional best in craftsmanship and customer relations.

Contact Us To Get A Custom Quote

No two painting projects are alike, we can help you decide on the best products and colors for your home or business and give you a custom quote to help you plan and complete your painting project with ease.


Dwyer Custom Painting offers a full spectrum of professional painting services.  In addition to our quality interior  and exterior painting, we are skilled in faux painting techniques and architectural refinishing.  Our cabinet and furniture painting division is exemplary.

The results of our shop-work are durable, attractive finishes that refresh and enhance the look of any kitchen or bath.  We can also create an aesthetically pleasing focal point for any room from an outdated but much loved furniture piece.

Our in-shop painting service allows us to properly prepare cabinet doors, drawers, furniture and shutters for painting.  After sanding and filling any blemishes, we then apply an alkyd base coat.  After drying, we begin the process of spraying multiple coats of premium oil-based layer coats, allowing the pieces to cure overnight, garnet sanding between each application.  After the smooth finish coat has sufficiently cured for transport, we meticulously package each piece for delivery.

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