Painting always sounds like a fun DIY project at first glance. That is until you start the painting process and realize that it is a bit more detailed than you first expected.

That’s why a commercial painter is always the best option. They know what colors will work best with your home and come with their own tools.

But the search for a reputable painting company may be difficult. That’s why we put together this guide, so you know the top seven questions to ask a painter. 

1. Do They Have the Right Licensing?

The first thing to ask a commercial painter is where they possess a license and insurance. Both of these things show that the painter is serious about their line of work.

On top of that, hiring a painter with the proper insurance can save you if anything goes wrong during the painting job. There are several mishaps that painter’s insurance protects against, like: 

  • Bodily harm or injury to the painter
  • Damage to property
  • Personal injury

It is important to note that the law does not mandate that commercial painters obtain insurance. That said, it is best to find a company with insurance. When you do, ask to see a copy of the policy. 

2. Do They Use Subcontractors?

Painting contractors often hire subcontractors because the fee is much cheaper than paying one of their employees. There is nothing wrong with a subcontractor, but you should know who they use ahead of time.

When it comes to painting your house or building, you want to ensure you have skilled professionals. A bad subcontractor can lead to a messy or ruined paint job if they do not possess the right amount of painting knowledge. 

3. What Paint Brands Do They Use?

Some paints emit toxic chemicals, especially inside of a home. Ask your commercial painter what brands and types of paint they will use for the job. That way, you can research and see whether the brand is toxic or not. 

4. Can I Have a List of References?

Any reputable commercial painting service will gladly give you a list of references. These should be people from painting jobs that the company worked on. Along with these references, you can also ask to see pictures or a portfolio of the company’s work. 

5. Can I Have an Estimate?

Never dive into a painting job, or anything for that matter, without obtaining an estimate. Always ask how much the project will cost you upfront. If a painting company does not want to give you an estimate, that might be a bad sign. 

6. How Long Will the Job Take?

The company should tell you how long the painting job will take. They can usually pinpoint the exact amount of time. No matter what, they should still give you a rough estimate, so you know how many days they will be at your home or building. 

7. Do You Undergo Safety Training?

Regular safety training is crucial for commercial painters to abide by the OSHA Rules and Regulations. Painting can be a dangerous job because they have to use ladders, equipment, and chemicals. You want your painters to be as safe as possible and know how to handle everything with care. 

Hire a Commercial Painter

As you can tell, these several questions to ask a commercial painter are crucial to ensuring you get the paint job you want. If you require the best commercial painter service in St. Louis, look no further than Dwyer Custom House Painting. Please, feel free to contact us today if you have any questions or want to discuss a custom painting job. 

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