There was nearly a 10% increase in St. Louis home sales in 2020. Now that the economy is recovering, and so many people are finding themselves in new homes, why not make it more beautiful?

A fresh coat of paint can do a lot to freshening up a space. But picking a color for a room is only the beginning.

A full interior redesign can include abstract designs, accented molding, ombre stylings, and so much more. It’s not enough to update a room, you need to elevate and refresh it.

Let’s begin.

Paint Ideas

We’ll begin with the basics. Over the decades, styles and preferences have changed dramatically.

In the 70s, there was a lot of amber orange, jute brown, and beige mixed with muted yellow. And shy of everyone had to match their appliances with the avocado green cabinets.

Today’s style has advanced. It’s neutral, simple, and timeless. We’re talking whites, blacks, and grays.

Lots of grays.

But seldom do these colors alone inspire and refresh a space (unless those spaces truly haven’t been touched in 50 years).

Here’s a selection of great interiors that have been brought into the modern area. Midnight Navy is one of the most popular selections, as well as muted rose, or a calming forest green.

Determining whether your space is meant to be cool (dark blue), warm (rose and beige), or vibrant (greens and yellows) is just the beginning.

Accents and Trim

It’s surprising how often these two features are neglected when considering a room’s feel.

And for a tremendous living room redesign, you’ll want to brighten up those pieces. Some great examples come from soft-white trim and crown molding. This looks great with many of the new wood-like vinyl flooring out there.

Not all homes will benefit from these changes. Admittedly, hardwood floors might do better to keep their trim more natural. 

However, if you have carpet, vinyl, tile, or another flooring type, think about how unique trim and brighter colors can liven up your space and help make a room feel bigger, or cozier.

Backsplashes, Board, and Blocking

Having multiple colors in a room can create more complex, intricate, and creative stylings that a lone color can’t compete with.

For example, board and batten are making a great resurgence in modern homes. Darker paints, such as that midnight navy, look great on board and batten, while a brighter, fresher white or gray can create a sophisticated look.

Combining light walls with this darker board can really refresh a space. And it has a strong return on investment if you’re thinking of selling.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something truly unique, think of how a backsplash can affect your room’s look. Designating one part of a room, usually separated by a feature on the wall or ceiling, can be an easy start.

Imagine abstract shapes of varying colors, that liven and draw attention to this space in a new and exciting way.

Or if you’re hoping for a larger space to draw the eye, consider an ombré wall. This is where the paint gradually faints to another tone of a similar color and can look amazing if done right.

Refresh With an Interior Redesign

Hopefully, you’re inspired. But paint design only begins here. Come up with your own ideas and color combinations, and have fun with it!

And when it finally comes to doing the dirty work for your interior redesign, we at Dwyer Custom Painting can help.

We offer a spectrum of painting services for those here in the St. Louis area. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring a new spark of life to your home’s interior.

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