The kitchen claims the title the “heart of the home,” however, the living room is the soul. It is the gathering place for everyone to hang out, watch movies, play games, or simply sit down and talk. Your entertainment room should be up-to-date and looking good.

So, does your living room need a new paint job? Here are just a few paint colors for your living room in 2020 that will inspire relaxation and help you wind down each evening. 

The Best Paint Colors for Your Living Room in 2020

Looking to update your living room? Consider these colors: 


Blue is a traditional, relaxing color. It is often used in nurseries and children’s rooms because it promotes relaxation. In fact, blue is a popular color choice for advertising and marketing for businesses that look to projects themselves as secure and dependable.

Before you opt-in for the cliche robin’s egg blue, think about the layout of your entertainment room. Consider how the color will complement your furniture. A light, greyish blue is a stylish, sophisticated hue that matches dark wood furniture as well as light-colored upholstery equally.

Or, go for Classic Blue, the color of the year for 2020 picked by the Pantone Color Institute. 


Shades of green, like jade, olive, or a dark forest hue are peaceful and soothing colors that are perfect for a living room. It is an earth tone that evokes thoughts of the natural world. You can add brightly colored accent pieces to bring up the energy in the room or stick to cool tones and give the whole room a grounding effect. 


Similar to green, tan is a calming earth tone that evokes calming feelings and it can give your entertainment room a sophisticated look. The word “tan” may bring up visuals of boring khaki colors, but it doesn’t have to look bland. Consider the shades Santa Fe Spirt or Cream in my Coffee by Valspar.

Neutral tones provide a lot of variety. If you’re not sure what would look best in your St. Louis home, a professional painter can help you pick out the right kind of paint and make sure it looks great.


Violet is a powerful color that has been associated with royalty, imagination, and wisdom. Different shades, light and dark, evoke these thoughts within us. Lighter shades of violet, such as a lavender tone, have similar effects as the color blue. It is on the cool side of the spectrum and inspires tranquility.

Surround Yourself With Relaxation

These are calming and trendy paint colors for your living room in 2020. Blue is a classic color that has been associated with security and peace for many years. Likewise, earth tones like green and tan bring about feelings of grounding and comfort. Violet is a complex color that can bring about a number of emotions in different people; the lavender shades are perfect to create a calming setting.

Do you need help picking the perfect paint color or repainting your space? At Dwyer Custom Painting it is our duty to create your vision and provide the best service. Find us in St. Louis, MO, and contact us here for a free consultation. 

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