We’ve all seen the accent wall done in a different color. It’s a trick as old as time but what other options do you have? After all, there has to be something to spice up a room without spending thousands on the perfect furniture.

There is a way and it’s called faux painting! This takes interior paint to a whole new level. Keep reading to find 6 of the most gorgeous faux painting techniques!

1. Stenciling

This is likely the one you’ve already seen. Stenciling is one of the most widely used painting techniques. This technique can come in many shapes and sizes as well.

It’s easy to make this one completely custom and revolve around the theme of your room. Get as crazy or calm as you’d like with the colors and symbols. You can choose anything from florals to bursting suns.

Depending on how intricate your stencil is, this can be done very easily. Here’s a bonus, add a stencil to your wood flooring for an even bigger pop!

2. Sponging

Sponging is a wonderful way to add some texture to your walls. It’s also the easiest way to make your paint truly stand out. Using a sea sponge and a few different colors of paint, you’ll have the dimension you’re looking for in no time.

Choose similar colors for a more neutral look or very different colors for a more dramatic look. You’ll lightly dab the sponge all over the wall to get a random pattern.

3. Distressed

Sometimes called antiquing, this creative wall painting technique is great for those who are going for more of a rustic look. In addition, you could use this technique on more than just your walls.

This unique and beautiful texture is made simple by using a base coat and a glaze. It is often done in more earthy tones but you can create a lighter version with your paint choices. 

4. Marble

This one is a bit more difficult but so worth the effort. Marbelizing is accomplished by layering multiple tinted glazes over a base coat. You’ll love the veining and unique patterns of color that look like real marble.

5. Lime Washing

Lime washing or whitewashing might remind you of a scrubbed chalk look. It’s been around since the medieval period. Similar to the idea of distressing or antiquing, this offers an aged look.

This is best achieved on wood but can be done anywhere. The process does include the use of lime but can be obtained without. You’ll need to finish the paint with a latex varnish so that your work stays protected.

6. Metallics

Metallics are an attention grabber, that’s for sure! You can apply it in all different ways and include texture while you’re at it. Paint the whole room or just a wall to create a truly beautiful space.

Get Help With Painting

Some of these techniques can be tricky. You can always avoid the hassle by hiring a professional to do the work for you. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that it will turn out exactly how you pictured.

Improve Your Home’s Appeal With Faux Painting Techniques

There are so many ways to change up the style of your home. One of the easiest is with beautiful painting techniques. Hopefully, you’ve got some inspiration and are ready to start creating!

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