With nearly 43 percent of Americans reportedly working remotely one or more days a week, chances are some of that time is being spent in a home office.

If you are thinking of updating your home office with a color change, you should do a little research. Color can affect your mood and your productivity.

Is your home office where you work or do you go there to unwind and check up on your social media? No matter the reason, calm colors are an integral part of office interior design.

If you are looking for soothing paint colors to spruce up your home office, learn how to choose the most relaxing colors here.

Choosing Colors for Your Home Office

You’re the boss of your office space! It’s on you to choose the right paint color. Looking into the psychology of color can help you decide what color will give you that relaxing feeling you want.

What office paint colors will bring calmness? Which will help you relax and boost your productivity?

The color itself is not the only factor on its impact. Hue, as well as intensity, affect your mood. High intensity stimulates and low intensity soothes. Keep that in mind when choosing the exact color.

Relaxing Colors

Let’s face it, we live in a stressed-out world. Since color can be used as a stress management tool, let’s put your walls to work with these relaxing colors.

1. Blue

Nobody is surprised that blue tops the list. Blue conjures up visions of the ocean and we all know the peaceful calmness that can bring. The color blue can reduce your heart rate, lower anxiety and drop your blood pressure. Who knew?

ST. JOHN BLUE by BENJAMIN MOORE is a great relaxing color choice for your home office. Oh, the tranquility!

2. Violet

The color violet has the power to bring you inner peace and balance. If you are hoping to create a peaceful work environment, violet is your color.

CHARMED VIOLET by BENJAMIN MOORE is the choice of a color designer if you’re looking to change the vibe of your office space to create a positive atmosphere.

3. White

The color white is fresh and clean. It calms you when you’re stressed and helps to clear your mind. Choosing the right white is important though because if you choose a dull, cloudy white, it can dull your thinking as well.

SIMPLY WHITE or FULL MOON by BENJAMIN MOORE are both bright whites that will jump-start your mind to begin your workday.

4. Grey

Choose a cool, soothing grey and add white and blue accessories and you’ll create a very serene office space. Grey is one of the hottest colors right now fitting in with the rest of your home decor.

CLASSIC GRAY by BENJAMIN MOORE will brighten up your home office. You’ll be ready to get down to business.

Create a Relaxing Home Office

What relaxing colors will you consider for your home office?

When you’re ready for a new look, contact us for all of your painting needs.

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